Saturday, September 1, 2012

Strength and Conditioning Research

I just wanted to point you to a superb resource that I get each month - Strength and Conditioning Research.  This research review is put together by Chris Beardsley and Bret Contreras and provides an easy to understand summary of a huge range of research published in the previous month on Strength and Conditioning.  It is similar to Alan Aragon's Research Review, but has a much wider scope.

You can get a flavour of the publication by checking out the blog, for example this useful analysis of a recent study on isometrics: Comparing isometric training at a range of angles with dynamic training

This month I also got a pleasant surprise when the monthly review arrived in a variety of formats including mobi, so I have been able to get it on my Kindle!  Excellent.

Anyway if you have any interest in strength and conditioning training and research I would highly recommend this monthly review.  Check out the free extract

I don't make any commission on this recommendation by the way, I just think this is a really good product.

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