Saturday, September 29, 2012

Strength and Conditioning Research Background

I think I have previously pointed to the regular  review of Strength and Conditioning Research studies that is put together each month by Chris Beardsley and Bret Contreras.  Each issue does an overview of scores of studies explaining them in plain language and then pulling out the key points.  It is a great resource if you want to keep on top of the current thinking in academic exercise science and think about how it applies to your own training.

The pair of them have just brought out a new piece of work that they sent me to have a sneak preview.  This one is really useful - it is aimed at getting you up to speed not on the latest research but on the current accepted state of knowledge in fitness, exercise and strength science.  Why does a muscle contract?  How does it grow?  What do we know about fatigue, resistance training, bone strength.

Strength and Conditioning Research: Background - takes the same approach as the monthly review, but focusses on Review Papers,  those papers that scientists write to sum up the current position in their area.  It is a really good idea.  

If you read this you would have a better understanding of the key science behind exercise than 99% of personal trainers, therapists and medics out there.  I'd say it is the equivalent of the literature review for a graduate project.  Highly recommended.

You can read more here:

Strength and Conditioning Research: Background

Background is a collection of over fifty reviews of the most comprehensive review articles and meta-analyses of the fundamental concepts underlying exercise science.
It covers all of the important concepts in muscular, neuromuscular, bone, tendon and cardiovascular physiology as well as their adaptations training.  It also has sections on energy systems, fatigue and biomechanics.

I do not have any affiliate relationship with this product by the way, I just think it is good.

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