Thursday, November 22, 2012

Creatine for endurance

Creatine has typically been promoted for its benefits for strength and power athletes.  Interesting to see this new study indicating that it may have benefits for endurance sports, through decreasing the production of lactate

The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of creatine supplementation on blood lactate during incremental cycling exercise.
Thirteen male subjects (mean ± SD: 23 ± 2 years; 178.0 ± 8.1 cm; 86.3 ± 16.0 kg; 24 ± 9 % body fat) performed a maximal, incremental cycling test to exhaustion before (Pre) and after (Post) 6-days of creatine supplementation (4-doses per day of 5 g creatine + 15 g glucose). Blood lactate was measured at the end of each exercise stage during the protocol, and the lactate threshold was determined as the stage prior to achieving 4 mmol·L-1. Lactate concentrations during the incremental test were analyzed using a 2 (condition) x 6 (exercise stage) repeated measures ANOVA. Differences in power at lactate threshold, power at exhaustion, and total exercise time were determined by paired t-tests and are presented as means ± SD.
Lactate concentrations were reduced during exercise following supplementation, demonstrating a significant condition effect (p = 0.041). There was a tendency for increased power at the lactate threshold (Pre: 128 ± 45 W; Post: 143 ± 26 W; p = 0.11). Total time to fatigue approached significant increases (Pre: 22.6 ± 3.2 min.; Post: 23.3 ± 3.3 min.; p = 0.056), as did maximal power output (Pre: 212.5 ± 32.5 W; Post: 220 ± 34.6 W; p = 0.082).
Our findings demonstrate creatine supplementation decreases lactate during incremental cycling exercise and tends to raise lactate threshold. Therefore, creatine supplementation could potentially benefit endurance athletes.


Unknown said...

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Matt McPheely said...

Isn't it possible that the creatine supplementation helped increase muscle strength, which in turn helped improve endurance performance and lactate threshold?