Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Diet Update

I intend to do a more detailed diet update in the future following on from my post a while ago where I highlighted my experience with a Leangains Intermittent Fasting approach.
The obliques are coming in!
For now, just a couple of photos.  I have lost maybe a couple of pounds since the last photos, putting me at about 154lb.

You can see my obliques coming in now.

I have some loose skin on my lower abs which I hope will go as I get leaner.

I am no longer fasting.  I east 3-4 times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a snack.

I walk a lot and train in the gym once a week.

Diet sorts out definition.  Calories are important.  Control those and you will control your weight.  Diet composition? - follow the bodybuilders: set calories, get enough protein and fill in the rest as you wish

...and my arms are still there....


Paul said...

Thanks for the update Chris. Out of curiosity, what made you stop fasting?

jandro said...

That's some good progress you've going on over there. ;)

Chris said...


a couple of things. We went on holiday in September and the hotel had big buffet breakfasts so I got in the habit again. Plus I fond that I actually feel better with a breakfast in the morning. I can cope without and sometimes do not eat one at the weekend, but day to day I like the morning feed.

Chris said...


Thanks. The photos are pretty generous and flattering to be honest. I do not really look that special.

Ondrej said...

Is there any way how to make calorie control very easy despite daily eating in restaurants?:-) I now do 2x24h fasts for slow caloric deficit. I also don't believe fasting is that special, calories are more important. But I didn't figure out any other way to lower them and not to be limited in a food choice at the same time. If you eat at home and the same foods, then maybe...

Chris said...


My diet is pretty varied. I know what I am aiming for in terms of protein, carbs and fat grams over the day and I just try to fill those targets up with food.

Restaurants can be harder - you can eyeball/guess the content. Otherwise just be consistent - choose the same thing each day.

Anonymous said...

Nice work. Do you find that the walking makes a significant contribution? I certainly feel a lot better since I've started walking more.

CK said...

I know what I am aiming for in terms of protein, carbs and fat grams over the day

How much are you aiming for -- both in macros and in calories? Do you still cycle carbs/calories leangains style? I'm asking because I am about your stature (and judging from your leangains post have about the same history regarding diet and training approaches) and doing a modified leangains version myself. So this would be helpful information for me.

Chris said...

There us no cycling of calories or macros, although weekends are a little looser and maybe a slight refeed. I am roughly P190 C180 F 40.

I am working with a coach again too,

Unknown said...

Hi Chris:

Respect to you for your consistence on a Path that is fulfilling.

Might you have a link to some simple formulae that put flesh on the bones of your post? That is: How many daily calories? How much daily protein? How to measure, w/ reasonable accuracy, calorie expenditure? (Food intake is easier w/ nutrition labels and scales or "eyeballing" portions.)

Not (only) being lazy here. I could readily consult Dr. Google with the questions posed, however, I am interested in the guides you've found accurate and helpful for the metrics involved in the "long haul" process.

Thanks and best wishes for a long and joy filled journey of vitality.


Chris said...


Basically, set you calorie levels (15 x bodyweight is a useful estimate...cut to 12 x bodyweight if you want to lose weight)
Set your protein grams - roughly 1g per pound of target bodyweight
Set your fat - maybe .5g per lb of target weight
The rest comes from carbs....

Or some people fix protein and carbs and fill in the remaining calories with fat.

Alan Aragon says:

Calorie Calculator:

Let’s start your meal planning by using Coach Alan Aragon’s “Calorie Calculator” to determine how many calories you should eat each day. According to Aragon, to determine the number of calories you should eat each day, you need this equation:calorie calculator Quickstart Nutrition Guide To Fat Loss

Daily calories = Goal weight x (workout hours per week + 9.5)
• Protein grams = goal weight in pounds
• Fat grams = half goal weight in pounds
• Carbohydrate grams = [Daily calories – (protein calories + fat calories)]/4
o 1 gram of protein provides 4 calories
o 1 gram of carbohydrates provides 4 calories
o 1 gram of fat provides 9 calories
• By the way, Aragon said it doesn’t matter if you eat 6 or 3 meals per day

Also Check out



SteveRN said...

So do you think there is no real benefit to fasting, or it just that it doesn't really fit into your lifestyle, and you can achieve the same goals fasting might confer without fasting? For myself, it seems to be working well to help me lose fat without going thru all the hassle of figuring out calories in every bite. Also, I, and I have begun to notice, my whole family, tend to be a bit of a compulsive eater, and fasting has helped me get back in touch with the idea that it is ok to be a little hungry, and to not seek the feeling of being stuffed to the gills to be content. I guess what I am asking, do you find fasting to be without merit entirely, or just necessary if it doesn't work for you. I think you are saying the latter, just want to know if I am understanding you right. And congratulations on the progress, glad you are getting to where you want to be!

Ondrej said...

Chris, I am also a little surprised that you jumped from Paleo to strict calorie counting without trying the relaxed IF without counting, maybe ESE style. I see the tendency to simplify eveything and this just doesn't click.

Chris said...


You maybe forget that I am 44 and have been experimenting with diet for a long time. I have tried Ese and non measured diets. They are fine and they work to a degree. However to get really lean personally I have had to do the macro tracking.

Chris said...


I currently do not think there is any magic to fasting. Meal frequency does not matter. Convenience is an issue - if 2 meals a day fits better than 4 then that us fine.

Ondrej said...

Ok, I just got that impression from some of your articles. I get that you didn't mention all diets that didn't really work.
That said, one can always make slight adjustments even without counting, and as with exercise, the only measurement could be "Do you progress with your weight/body composition goals, in a slow, safe manner?" Then extend/shorten the fast or abandon just the select few of the most problematic foods like excessive sweets.
I have some successs so far but my starting position was already normal BMI, so it's slow.

SteveRN said...

Thanks, just curious to know your well researched and self-tested thoughts.Like I said, for me, it seems to be an easy way to calorie restrict, without weighing food, counting calories, etc. And it helps me to get my consumption back to a more normal level. I am not sure if it provides any of the benefits that they talk about in ESE, but maybe, and I do not think it does any harm. Just another tool in the box, if it works for you, I guess. I know it has made packing lunch for work easier and cheaper!

Anonymous said...

I agree calories are king when it comes to weight gain/loss. But doesn't IFing up-regulate whole body fatty acid oxidization?

Go Kaleo said...

Set calories, get enough protein, fill in the rest as you wish. YES.

Why does everyone try so hard to make up reasons that this is complicated? It's not complicated. It's the SIMPLEST F***ING THING IN THE WORLD.

Sorry for swearing.

Chris said...

Amber - you are forgiven

Johnny said...

Really enjoyed your simply elegant HillFit, Chris. Like you, I am older (not old!) at 48 and have been pursuing health and fitness as a hobby for several years now. I have a low back issue which (should) give me pause when considering heavy deadlifts and squats. I enjoy a couple of quick resistance workouts a week in BBS style but I enjoy more than one set generally. I walk at least 3 miles a day, usually more. At 6 foot, 172 lbs and 11% bf I have never been able to achieve my goal of 7-8% bf. I am considering contacting Andy and seeing if we might be a good fit. Thanks for all that you share here. Keep up the good work.