Thursday, December 13, 2012

Reviewing the Hoo-rag!

So what the heck is a Hoo-rag

That is what I thought when I received the email asking if I wanted to try one and write a review.  Intrigued I asked if they would send one to Scotland and there was no problem.  A week later it arrived. is a Buff!  Well it is similar but the Hoo-rag is its own thing.

Maybe you are none the wiser?  These bits of clothing are very versatile and useful items that I have come to trust and rely on in both hot and cold weather.  A simple, seamless tube of lightweight, wicking cotton/polyester that can serve in lots of ways.  I use mine as a hat - they make simple beanies;  a wrap around my wrist to soak up sweat; a bandana.....and most often a neck gaiter on cold days.  Best of all on a cold day is pulling the tube up from around the neck so that it covers the mouth and nose and ears. Breathing in and out through the material warms to freezing air and takes the chill from icy days.

On Monday I wrapped my new Hoo-rag round my neck and went for a walk up a local hill.  It was icy and I slipped around the hard frozen ground, but eventually I got to the top of Tinto Hill to watch the sunset.

I sat there as the sun went down, turning all of the clouds to gold.  Sipping coffee from my flask I soaked in the view.  Turning to descend the cold gripped my face and then I was grateful for the Hoo-rag round my neck....I rolled it up covering half my head suddenly feeling warm and safe.

Later as I got lower I warmed up and it returned to a neck gaiter.

You can learn more about Hoo-rags at their blog. Definitely recommended.  If there are two items of kit that I rely on in the outdoors it is a Hoo-rag (or Buff) and a pertex windshirt.   For such a cheap piece of equipment, they have so many uses!  Check out the Hoo-rag site.

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FeelGoodEating said...

I like this thing....
Have always had to improvise...
I'm buying one or two.