Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why I Eat The Way I Do - by Tom Furman

Tom Furman has posted a good piece on diet.  He traces out some of my own journey here too.

Why I Eat The Way I Do:

Diet is an emotionally fueled issue. Quite often training for strength or training for sports is performance based. Put up or shut up. However for one reason or another, "belief" and therefore "faith" enters into eating habits. I was certainly one of those people years ago. I did things and said things that made sense then, but are fundamentally wrong based on evidence. Remember that word, evidence. 


Joakim Waern said...

That was a good one. Interesting guy, too. Do you have any former experience of him?

Chris said...

yes - I've reviewed a couple of his books here before and he has done a guest post

Alessandro di Gaia said...

Good post!

Rafe Kelley said...

Pretty much what I have come to as well. Eat enough protien and not to many calories make it mostly real food don't get to anal about it.