Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fact or Fiction 1

A couple of quotes from an article in May 1982 Iron Man, one of the first bodybuilding magazines I ever bought and one of the most sensible.

Stop worrying about your training and fretting over your diet.  Train hard and briefly using progressively heavier and heavier weights, get as much rest as you need between workouts and eat a healthy well varied diet.  Base your diet on natural foods as nature intended rather than on refined and processed foods....

Those people who expound the absolute need for dietary supplements, exotic training courses and specialist equipment nearly always have vested commercial interests in the perpetuation of these myths. Please learn from mine and many other people's mistakes and stop being misled by bodybuilding fiction.

From Bodybuilding Fact and Fiction by Stuart McRobert, in Iron Man May 1982 issue.

You know, 31 years after that was written and perhaps 30 years after I first read it I am realising how little things have changed.  This is what I've been getting at with some of my recent posts.


Unknown said...

Conditioning Research, Drew Baye and Clarence Bass form a Big Three of health and fitness sources.
The best advice you can find. I now try to absorb as much as I can from Drew Baye, I'll also buy "Take Charge", the new book by Clarence Bass, and then I'll probably disconnect and do some more important stuff. I know already everything there is to learn from blogs anyway, but one just can't help himself and waits for that scientific breakthrough that for sure comes next week:-)

Chris said...

you flatter me.

I will also buy Clarence's new book and look forward to it.

James Marshall said...

I like this link to the past. I wrote about a 1957 issue of "health and strength" magazine here:

It is sometimes depressing to read what we have lost and how far backwards we have gone.