Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Step up....a test for function

I just wanted to point to this interesting study which I saw a couple of weeks ago, reported in Runners World by Alex Hutchison.

Maximal step-up height as a simple and relevant health indicator: a study of leg muscle strength and the associations to age, anthropometric variables, aerobic fitness and physical function.

Really interesting in the light of the stuff I've had up before about floor living and another test for function - simply getting up off the floor.

All these things are tests - not exercises.  But they are interesting toys to play with.  If you can step up high, get down to and up from the floor then you are doing OK.  If your training is retaining and promoting such function then you are going in the right direciton


Asclepius said...

I've added in a few more 'functional toys' over summer. They can be good measures of general agility and kinaesthetic awareness. I'm currently playing with shoulder rolls (forwards and backwards), which I found easy as a kid, but are now taking a bit of effort to master!

Hope you had a good holiday! Some of the shots were awesome.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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