Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The One Arm Pushup

The One Arm Pushup is a fantastic exercise. It gives balance, strength and well to be honest it looks good!

Pavel's Naked Warrior book devotes virtually the whole volume to this exercise and the pistol (one leg squat).

Anyway, Jim at Lean and Hungry Fitness pointed to this great tutorial from Beast Skills on how to do a one arm pushup.

Beast Skills has some fine material and it is worth spending some time there; for example there are tutorials on the one leg squat, the handstand and even the Clapping Handstand Pushup!


Nathan said...

It's actually the one arm, one leg pushup (and the pistol) that Pavel's book bases the program on, but close enough, I guess ;)

Chris said...

I'd argue with that Nathan. In the book I think he uses the one arm one leg as an optional advanced version. The basic is the one arm push up.

Nathan said...


Sorry about that - my mistake. I guess when I read it my mind just wanted to imagine GTGing one-arm, one-leg pushups during business meetings and whatnot. I'll double check next time before I make any claims on a book I've only read once!

Anonymous said...

A number of years ago, I had a summer job working with a guy who could do push-ups on ONE THUMB. His right thumb was huge and took years to develop. I saw him do three and four push-ups on his thumb. Needless to say, he won a lot of beer in pubs.