Monday, June 14, 2010

One Leg Squat variation - Airborne

Adam Steer demonstrates an alternative single leg squat. (He wrote something for this blog way back). I prefer this move to the standard "pistol".

To me it is more natural, it coicides more with everyday single leg activity. The usual pistol with the free leg extended in front of the body always seems contrived. I can't think of natural movements where you have one leg on the ground and the other extended in front - there may be some but I can't think of any. However there are lots - e.g walking, or climbing stairs - where the free leg is behind you.

I must admit that I've been thinking more and more about bodyweight training recently. With the rest of my life being busy one thing I want is to be injury free and sometimes weights just seem to bring hte potential for more injuries. Mark Sisson's recent post got me thinking about this idea.

In the past I've occaisionally pointed to Craig Ballantyne's material for decent basic workouts - e.g. the free bodyweight workouts that I posted here.

He has some new bodyweight stuff out that looks interesting looking at either a bodybuilding or cardio focus. Maybe worth checking out

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Neal W. said...

No offense, but this really isn't the hardest bodyweight squat. Hold the back leg with both hands - that's the hardest BW squat I have come across so far.

Also, I disagree with your comment that BW exercises have less injury potential. This is only because people never progress to hard exercises and only use BW training for low force, endurance type workouts. Look at all the injuries that gymnasts get and tell me BW training isn't as hard on the body as weights.