Sunday, August 15, 2010

Misha Koklyaev exhibition in Glasgow. 13/8/2010

Some amazing stuff here from the Russian Strongman who was in Glasgow last week. (read more at aussiestrength)

Colin sent me these videos. Scary stuff. The no hands squat is unbelieveable.

- 270kg jerk from behind the neck (a new pb)

- 400kg deadlift x 3reps.

- 290kg no-hands squat (world record)

- 190kg snatch (25kg more than ever been snatched on Scottish soil before).


Anonymous said...

Incredible combination of strength, power and athleticism.

Good man said...

Amazing strength- very impressive indeed.

Chris said...

It is the no hands squat that amazes me

Stuart Buck said...

Your video doesn't show what he does on the final snatch! Check out this one at 4:12 or so, and see him use one foot to scratch the other leg. While holding 190k in the air. Wow.

Chris said...

Cheers Stuart.

he is a beast