Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sitting is killing you

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Cubicle Warrior said...

Thanks for sharing! Usually for lunch, I take a walk outside. It's nice to feel the warmth of the sun and it always feels like I'm in a cage when I'm inside the office.

Nice infographic!

Stephan Guyenet said...

Hmm, as far as I know there's still no evidence to support a causal relationship between sitting and dying, so I think this idea is a bit overblown for the moment.

I disagree with the infographic that a 135 degree sitting posture is better. That position puts your neck posture way out of line.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Stephan. Too much correlation not enough causation. And being a movement therapist, I guarantee sitting in the position described above is asking for poor cervical posture.

Chris said...

Apologies, that one really did need some added commentary.

Stephan - I think you are right on both counts: there is no causal relationship here it is more that sitting is associated with lots of other things that may impact mortality; and that 135 degree seat looks poor.

I suppose I just posted this when I found it because it looked quite dramatic and fits in with my contention that we are designed to move.

Chris said...

THere was some research reported a few years ago on that sitting posture: at this link

Anonymous said...

A proper attribute would be to Mashable who were the first to publish it and not the Lead Gen affiliate website you have it linked to.

Right attribute:


GymyGym said...

Hello all,

Would never want to disrespect this space or fellow readers with an inappropriate cold pitch. But this post stuck out to me instantly.

This is exactly what our company is trying to combat with our product the GymyGym.

Stephen- I do agree with you that the 135' angle is off. There is evidence which points to a 45 degree recline plus your knees being elevated above your hip line being helpful for taking stress off the lower back. It is how NASA designs their seats on shuttles.

I think the info graphic tends to go a little on the intense side with getting the message across, but that may have been the whole point, to make it dramatic enough for people to take note. Many of the illnesses which come from sitting are derived more from the fact that your body is not moving, which is the overarching problem. People who are also bed-ridden for illnesses or even astronauts who come back from zero-G both have issues derived from this non movement.

The goal is more so not to just not sit, but the be mobile and active.

Anonymous said...

135ยบ sitting posture is a good ration as you put your column in th normal position but it has to be reached by elevating your seat like in a sit/stand stool.