Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Exercises impact on gut hormones

So exercise helps to limit appetite?  (Effects of Exercise On Meal-Related Gut Hormone Signals)

Gut hormones are released before and after a meal to initiate and terminate food intake. The authors measured gut hormone release after a palatable tasty meal before and after rats exercised in running wheels. In rats with a lot of running wheel experience, consuming a tasty meal led to increased blood levels of an inhibitory feeding hormone, amylin. After the meal, the same rats showed a more rapid rebound of a stimulatory feeding hormone, ghrelin. The authors also demonstrated that compared to sedentary control rats, exercise-experienced rats decrease their food intake more robustly after treatment with CCK, a gut hormone that limits meal size.


FredT said...

Note that SSIB is funded by drug companies including Amylin Pharmaceuticals. Prostitution in science is alive and well. Be ware.

Perhaps soon they will have a drug from there research. I note the full paper is not loose on the net.

Pool Tables said...

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