Sunday, July 10, 2011

Maintaining muscle with age.....

This abstract looks interesting (and I know it is rats...and you really need to read the whole study....)

Benefits from calorie restriction while maintaining decent protein intake.  I wonder if they would get the same benefits from IF (intermittent fasting)?

Effect of fast dietary proteins on muscle protein synthesis rate and muscle strength in ad libitum-fed and energy-restricted old rats.


Aileen said...

So it would be intersting to know the extent of the energy restriction. And how much protein........... I don't have access to the full article.

John said...

Aileen and Chris,

Here's a full of pretty much the same thing by same authors:

Note that the calories they restrict in the ER group are sucrose & cornstarch, which is interesting. What if the fat was removed instead? What if we let the rats eat ad libitum and give them the same chow as the ER group?