Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fat People have bad breath?

I'm sorry......

A few months ago I had a post called "Fat people walk funny", which - in terms of hits - was strangely popular.

Now this: "Tel Aviv University researchers have published a study that finds a direct link between obesity and bad breath: the more overweight you are, the more likely your breath will smell unpleasant to those around you."

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Anonymous said...

I know there's a way to make millions ($$) with this information, maybe inventing something like "Halitobeseitoid anxiety disorder"? Then selling some combination diet/minty smelling orifice
pill to "treat" the "disorder" (quotes intentionally ironic)?

I think a "pester your doctor for this" commercial could be made that would make people run from pizza in terror.


BadBreathBlech said...

So fat people walk funny and have bad breath? They will have even worse breath if they try a high protein type diet as well.