Thursday, June 19, 2008

Short Simple Plyometric Workout

From Nick McKinless

Ghetto Jump Training


I'm finding that I don't have the time or the access to the equipment I would like sometimes. This means I have to be innovative in getting the training I want into my routine. The following video is a simple way to implement jump training into your routine no matter where you are. The 'luxury' p1 I have is a small fitness gym in the basement of our apartment block. I also have stairs, kettlebells and a weight vest. Here's what I came up with.

Goblet Squat Jumps with a 28kg KB and a 30lb weight vest or around 90lbs in total. The idea is that it takes the arms out of the movement. I squat below parallel mainly to take the full impact with maximum cushioning. This will save your knees. I like sets of 5 but anything from 2-10 reps will work well. This puts most of the stress on the legs rather than the back and legs as the Goblet Squats force you to stay upright.

Plyometric Pushups. Hand speed and power in the triceps and chest will compliment the work you put in on the pulling muscles. Without the weight vest I can do triple clap pushups but for a change of intensity the weight vest is great. There are lots of variations so be creative.

Jumping up stairs. Jumping and indeed running up stairs is a fine exercise. Be careful and know your limits. Adding a weight vest is an advanced exercise. Depth jumping is not something I would do often but once in a while is fine. Again, know your limits. Start lower and build up the height and only add a weight vest if you can squat double bodyweight.

Finally I rowed a fast 500 meters on the concept 2 rower (about 1min 30 secs). After the jumps and with the weight vest this is tough. My legs were fatigued and the weight vest builds up on you throughout the whole workout. Anaerobic work like this is a great finisher.

This is a simple, effective and rapid (25 minutes) workout. There will be more...


Stephan said...

That's neat. I've been having a lot of fun with jumps lately. When I'm going up the stairs at work sometimes I'll see how many stairs I can clear.

I feel like squats have really improved my vertical. Or maybe it's the pistols. I'm looking for more improvement when I get to 1.5X bodyweight squats.

It's been fun lifting again. I'm realizing how weak I've become. My goal is 1.5X bodyweight squat to parallel, 2X dead, and one-arm chins with each arm by the end of the year. I'm getting pretty close. Thanks for all the good info, it's helpful.

Rannoch Donald RKC said...


I'd love to invite you down to one of our Combat Ready conditioning sessions. No Equipment required. It's 45 minuntes of fight style conditioning and I think you'll enjoy it. If enjoy is the right word!

We do alot of plyo based bodyweight stuff which takes some of the load issues out of the equation.


Anonymous said...

Inventive and an excellent workout.

To nitpick (because there's always an asshole in the crowd)

Squat jumping below parallel defeats the purpose, as it decrease SEE and thus fails to utilize the SSC optimally. Think about it - if you were trying to touch the light bulb on your roof - would you squat to below parallel and then leap...or would you dip just far enough?

Secondly, the point of power training is to work out with weights 30-45% of 1RM. Unless this guy has a 1RM squat of 300 lbs or more (possible), then that was too much weight.

Finally - rowing with the vest on was kinda pointless, no?

I figure, on a site that calls itself "Conditioning Research", little tidbits like this matter. Then again, I just may be a nitpick asshole.


Chris said...

You'll have to tell us what SEE and SSC mean. Presumably SSC = Stretch Shortening Cycle but SEE?

This guy is a former Britain’s Strongest man and his 1RM squat is over 500lb and he deadlifts over 600. Check here

Rowing with the vest on - surely not pointless.... added resistance will make it harder.

"Conditioning Research" is a general title. Really it is just stuff that I find interesting or inspiring.

Nit picking? Maybe but the more I read this stuff also the less I see that there is to be dogmatic about in this field.