Saturday, July 19, 2008

Product Review - Eat Stop Eat Audio Files

The Science of Intermittent Fasting

Several times on this blog I have pointed to various studies about intermittent fasting. It seems that there are a number of interesting health benefits to be gained from occasional short periods of fasting. I have also pointed to different resources out there which explain a little more about how to put these ideas into practice.

Martin Berkhan's Leangains approach is one that is worth looking into - I have recently consulted with Martin about my own diet and have learned a lot from him - especially in terms of setting up pre and post workout nutrition.

Martin is interviewed here.

While Martin is focussed very much on athletes or body-builders, if you are interested in something a little more straight forward I've often pointed people to Brad Pillon's Eat Stop Eat ebook. He presents a fairly simple approach of taking 1 or 2 fasts a week, each of 24 hours. This is all backed up with a look at the science behind fasting.

Brad has just released the Eat Stop Eat advanced package and has kindly let me have a copy to review.

Eat Stop Eat Audio Package

The Eat Stop Eat Advanced Audio Files are a collection of 6 sections detailing the science behind the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle and all the benefits you can expect to enjoy once you start.

There are 6 audio files in the package, each providing a "lecture" of around 15 minutes - this is a good "digestible" length, for your iPod. The package also includes full transcripts of the talks.

In each file Brad provides a deeper look at the science behind intermittent fasting, referencing and explaining recent scientific papers and how they relate to this approach. The science does get quite "heavy", but Brad explains it well. He doesn't avoid difficult topics or "dumb-down" the science, so be prepared for some robust discussion of the hormones etc that govern your metabolism.

What is covered?

The topics covered in the files are:

1 The myth of the "Starvation Mode"

2 Fasting burns fat - what this really means

3 Fasting & protein metabolism - what happens to your muscles when you fast (hint: they don't disappear!)

4 Fasting & glucose metabolism, insulin, GH, FFA's and the control of blood sugar (this one is fascinating but quite technical)

5 Fasting & exercise and body composition - the importance of preservation of lean mass - with some really interesting science.

6 Fasting Health and Weight Loss - stress free, convenient and effective for weight loss

What do I think of the package?


  • A unique review of the science behind IF - I've not seen this set of science compiled anywhere else.
  • A great overview human metabolism, exercise and fat loss.
  • A well organised set of lectures with a clear presentation
  • Reviews of various scientific studies that are well explained and applied.
  • Easy to listen to - the lectures are in bite sized chunks


Overall recommendation

If you are interested in IF / intermittent fasting I would definitely recommend this package.

It is not for the beginner, so start off with the Eat Stop Eat ebook or think about the writings about alternate day dieting.

Overall this is a very good, thorough treatment of the subject pulling together some diverse science. After listening to this material you will know more about protein metabolism, fat burning than most people out there.

Where do I get them?

Go to the Eat Stop Eat Page and click on the link through to the Big Eat Stop Eat Announcement

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