Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kettlebell Workshop

Today was another Kettlebells Scotland Workshop - mobility, bodyweight drills, squats, presses, windmills, snatch, clean and jerk. Then some workouts - a six minute timed set of jerks, then a typical Rannoch circuit of pushups, squats, swings and snatches.

A good session - I always learn things from Rannoch. Lee also gives some commentary

A few things I noticed about myself:
  • Mobility work is getting more important to me - fitness for the long term;
  • I was holding back on some of the workout sessions - I did not want to be too wrecked for tomorrow's Krav Maga. Remember the post I did about avoiding exhaustion:
How useful in real life is such soreness? If a training session leaves you exhausted immediately after it and almost crippled with soreness the next day, is that a practical or useful way of training for everyday life?
  • In light of my recent thoughts about posture I was spending a lot of the session looking at my colleagues and how they were standing. I was trying to see how "healthy" some of these stances and moves were. I was also constantly checking my own posture through the day tryin to apply the theory of Esther Gokhale.

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