Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Low carb lecture

Dr Eades points to this. I haven't found an hour to watch it yet but hope to tonight.

The video below shows Chris Gardner, Ph.D., researcher from Stanford University, giving a presentation about the data he generated when he compared the Atkins diet to the Ornish diet, the Zone diet and the LEARN diet. You all probably remember this study, which he published in JAMA in 2007, showing the low-carb diet brought about greater weight loss and better lab value improvement than the other three diets.


Matt Metzgar said...

Weight loss was 10 pounds over 12 months, and this was for women who were already overweight/obese.

If they extended this study to two years, I would bet that the weight loss would still be only 10 pounds or even less.

This is a one-time small dip in weight. I don't how this can be a long-term strategy to get these people to a healthy weight.

Radek Pilich said...

I really enjoyed this lecture. Thanks!