Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Supervised strength training is more effective

This is interesting. Supervised strength training is more effective. I think it ties in with things I've thought about and written before about the social aspect of training. That is one thing anyway.

Another thing it may imply is that in some circumstances you do need expert help. Having someone plan your training and particularly your rehabilitation work is often essential. I've read a lot about this stuff, but when I'm injured I look for expert help.

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Chainey said...

I wish. I've got two minor conditions requiring some expertise to work around (incipient hernia & DVT after effects) and despite asking various doctors and nurses I've dealt with for recommendations for a trainer, none have been available. In fact, most were surprised by my request.

Still, I suppose it's up to me to ring around and see if I can find someone who can help me to construct a resistance training program that won't injure me.

More likely I'll just have to go super-cautious with baby weights and see what hurts (in a bad way).