Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I've posted a few things before (e.g. here) about the benefits of being barefoot. (Something mc has written about too)

Here is an interesting video of a guy running barefoot. It is informative to watch his gait - how he lands on the forefoot. Natural.


Steven Low said...

Speaking of barefoot you might enjoy this article I put together on how shoes contribute to the lower body dysfunctions prevalent in our society.

E.M.R said...

That was cool. It is interesting how when you run barefoot, you tend to take shorter stride. I watched a video of this man who teaches people to walk barefoot. He was talking about how people take too long of strides when they use their shoes because they don't need to be aware of where they are stepping. He goes on to say how over-striding causes problems later on in life. Anyways, that video was definitely more interesting than I thought it was going to be.

rebecca said...

I run barefoot whenever possible! And when i can't i wear barefoot shoes like fivefingers and feelmax! I've been completeley injury free since i started and i'm sure its due to the improvement of my gait! When i run everything feels just right, and i'm moving in the most natural way possible! I love feeling the ground beneath my feet aswell!

John Sifferman said...

I can echo Rebecca's thoughts. I go barefoot whenever possible and wear minimalist footwear when I have to. I use the POSE running method, which has dramatically changed the way I run.

It hasn't snowed yet, so I'm still curious about how I'll adapt to it. My friend and coach, Erwan Le Corre, goes for barefoot runs in the snow, so I'm going to have to try it sometime - don't know how long I'll last :-)