Saturday, October 16, 2010

coffee the fat burner?

Coffee is a bit of a two edged sword - there are clear benefits but you have to watch that you do not over do the stimulant.

Anyway interesting study here on  coffee polyphenols and how they seem to minimise fat build up.  As ever it is in mice so it might mean lots or nothing at all.

Coffee polyphenols suppress diet-induced body fat accumulation by downregulating SREBP-1c and related molecules in C57BL/6J mice.

These findings indicate that CPP enhances energy metabolism and reduces lipogenesis by downregulating SREBP-1c and related molecules, which leads to the suppression of body fat accumulation.


praguestepchild said...

Coffee is indeed complicated, we've got a complex love/hate relationship.

The morning stimulus is great but the late morning crash can lead to cravings. It helps increase intensity in exercise (I can't imagine sprinting without caffeine) but messes with blood sugar. All in all, I felt healthier going without but I'm back to being an addict.

Mike said...

Oh Chris this is a money find, and it's going in my next blog post, with obvious props your way! back to my morning java. :)

Marc said...

Like I said in my post...the key is small quantity consumption I think.


Chris said...

That was a great post Marc - really interesting observations. I've only passed through Holland - a night in the airport at Amsterdam - but had a holiday in Belgium and agree about the way people look even with all the waffles and fries with mayo. I enjoyed the Belgian beer too, but I am struggling with all beers now - gluten is killing me.

Justsomeguy1990 said...

I wonder if the benefits from the polyphenols could be gained without the cortisol/blood sugar effects by going with decaf...