Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Walk or Run

I'd rather be a good walker than a bad runner.

(actually I mean a bad jogger)

Every day I seem to see people jogging past me with a really poor gait.  I'd rather they walked and sprinted.


Andy said...

I couldn't agree more. Too many people give no more thought to running than moving one foot in front of another a bit quicker than when walking. The result is it looks forced and uncomfortable (or even painful). No other running animal looks like this when they run and there is no reason humans should.

Worst of all it seems like they are not enjoying it at all, which is a shame.

Maybe it's the shoes ;-)

Hans Hageman said...

This matches my observations. They do look like they're in pain and most of the runners I see who are over 35 have bodies that don't look healthy or functional. They are probably expressing some part of their personality with their running and won't take the time to figure out technique or balance.

David Csonka said...

Yeah, at the park I've seen some pretty ridiculous running styles. But, I suppose if their goal is to burn calories, then the inefficient gait probably helps them accomplish that.

Aaron Blaisdell said...

Jogging has always been against my religion: human nature. My rule is to walk for distance, run for speed.

vitamin c said...

Lol, I'm guilty of this because I have no style in jogging. I run for the sake of running but the good thing is my feet doesn't ache 'coz of a good pair of rubber shoes.