Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gray Cook on the Deadlift

This is a great video (more ideas here)


Clint said...

That is a great clip!

I've seen Gray Cook present live a couple of times in the last few years and I always learn something important.

Raymond said...

Unfortunately I don't think this guy knows how to dead lift properly he is using too much lower back.
And what proves it to me he looks out of shape, no wonder he is using a rack lift.
Sorry to sound so negative, knowing my luck he is an expert deadlifter.

Chris said...

Raymond. Do some Googling around Gray Cook - the guy knows his stuff.

He isn't using much is a deadlift, more of a Romanian style perhaps, but lots of top deadlifters are close to this - check out Konstantine Kostanov ( or Benedikt Magnusson (

Raymond said...

Thanks for the extra links Chris I'll definitely have a look at Gray (I'm always worried about my own deadlift technique not being right) …
I had a feeling I'd be criticising a well known expert especially if you referenced to his material …you are right, if he called them RDLs I would not have commented.