Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Carb mouth rinse

As usual with me, no commentary here. 

Just to say that this is interesting in its implications.

Rinse your mouth out with a carbohydrate solution and you are likely to perform better interms of endurance capacity, whether you are fasted or fed.

Riddle me this Batman......


Todd Hargrove said...

Maybe it fools the brain into thinking the body is glycogen replete?

Thirst ends when the brain senses water consumption, and BEFORE water reaches dehydrated tissues.

Falling Leaves Kung Fu said...

oooh, that could really be of use to me immediately. work capacity is getting to be an issue in day to day stuff, where I'm required to maintain a high level of output.

Steven Low said...

This is fairly well documented in the literature.

I'm not sure if they've proposed a mechanism for it yet though.

It's probably due to some degree of cortical and/or hypothalamus input (especially in regards to what Todd Hargrove mentioned).

If we were to run with the water example there would have to be to some degree a feedback loop that shuts down water consumption before the body takes in too much water and you end up hyponatremic.