Monday, November 14, 2011

A Bowflex killer?

Keith Norris should not be a new name to you - his Theory to Practice blog is superb.  Anyway, here is Keith (physical culturalist, author, and general manager at Efficient
Exercise (Austin Texas)), giving the world premiere of the ARX Fit Omni at The 21 Convention 2011 of Orlando, Florida, united States of America.

The video notes explain:

The ARX Fit Omni © is a revolutionary new home-exercise machine that
employs motorized resistance across a wide range of movements, providing
a perfectly (and uniquely) matched strength curve across a complete -- or
limited -- range of motion.

Called "the bowflex killer" by 21 Convention architect and founder Anthony
Dream Johnson, the ARX Fit Omni © machine is making waves in the universe of proper exercise, strength training, and sport performance.

Supplying a level of effectiveness, efficiency, safety, and intensity found in no
other machine in the world, the ARX Fit Omni may just be the machine to put
the nail in the coffin of the outdated and ineffective BowFlex © home exercise


ThePaleoGarden said...

I'm qualified now to truly say that I've been following your writings for years now. Thanks for sharing your observations and connections along the way. Watching this video was truly a great culmination of so many of your thoughts on putting theory into practice. This piece of equipment has a lot of thinkering behind it, I look forward to trying it.

Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

Not a Bowflex killer. Why? Because the majority of people don't wish to torture themselves in the name of "efficiency".