Monday, November 14, 2011

Do we need all this therapy?

Bret Contreras pointed to an interesting post by Nick Tuminello.  Nick is questioning the way in which so much of the current training wisdom seems to be watered down rehab / physiotherapy.  He points out that most of the things that are to be addressed by physical training are actually  straightforward.

For most people things are pretty simple:

If we can all agree that:
  • People don’t move enough (possibly because they’re plain lazy)
  • They don’t get enough variety in movement (from always performing the same work or sporting movement pattern)
  • They sit too much
  • They’re overweight
  • They’ve got Poor Postural habits
  • They lack of a well balanced training program (from maybe performing too much chest strength work w/o much high-quality mid-back strength work, etc:)

Then we can also agree that these are simple problems, which have these simple solutions:
  • Move more
  • Sit less
  • Loose that gut!
  • Get a more balanced workout
  • Get more variety of movement
  • Enjoy moving so it becomes a regular part of your life

Wise words.  It is all really pretty simple.


Buy funginix said...

While coaching ladies and sports athletes at his Scottsdale health business, Bret Contreras “The Glute Guy”, a Qualified Energy and Health Professional.

Steven Low said...

That's the big problem though. 99% of the world's obesity et al issues could be fixed by 4 things:

1. physical activity
2. better nutrition
3. more sleep
4. less stress

The overarching question is... how do you motivate people to address **1** of these categories much less all 4?

Bodyworks Family Sports Centers said...

Like the famous saying goes "more knowledge but less judgment;
more experts, but more problems;
more medicines but less healthiness". With health and fitness, its either you work on it or not. It's a choice whether to be active or sedentary, to eat healthy or eat junk. There are several information in the web and several fitness guru around who can help, it's the dedication of the person that will work.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but how is the average trainer supposed to look smarter and make more money?

Shaun said...

@Anonymous: Results. Draft an agreement with your clients to do before & after photos and measurements. Tell them you will blur out their face if they'd prefer. People simply cannot argue with results.

And Chris, I love reading this blog but for the love of all that is holy, please edit to "Lose that gut!" (sorry, my worst pet peeve)

FredrickM said...

yes i think that There are several information in the web and several fitness guru around who can help, it's the dedication of the person that will work.So we should be very careful.