Thursday, January 5, 2012

The trials of editing.....

I mentioned the other day that I have written an ebook on strength training for hikers / hillwalkers / backpackers.  My aim was to get it up for sale in the next week to catch all the new year "get fit" resolutions.  It is about 50 pages and centres around a short bodyweight / calisthenic HIT style routine.

Writing an ebook sounds straightforward and to be honest it didn't take me that long to rattle it off.  However, what is taking longer is editing and getting the presentation right.  I've sent a draft  /  review copy around a few friends and contracts and some of them have come back with great comments and testimonials.  I also gave a copy to my partner who is a professional scientist and science writer. (Also available for any editing / proof reading work if any of you need an expert.)   She is going through it with a fresh eye as an editor and making sure that the whole thing is consistent in style, language, layout and approach.

It is quiet humbling too!  I get all excited that I have written this booklet, then I pass it on to her and get brought back down to earth as she points out things that do not make sense or that are inconsistent.  As I said humbling as I realise it isn't as good as I thought it was, but hopefully it will make for a better product.

If you are interested in the booklet, please keep an eye on this blog.  I will make an annoncement when it is ready, with a link to how to buy it.

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Anonymous said...

At least you're editing. I've seen some pretty bad stuff (e-documents/books) out there that could use some editing. The pain in the ass-editing process is worth it.