Monday, April 2, 2012

Survival of the fittest....and that paleo guy

Back last summer sometime I was contacted by the editor of an on-line magazine Interesting Times who asked me to write something for him.  At the time I was busy with work and couldn't put the time into writing.  Plus I didn't think I had what he was looking for.....but I knew a man who did!  I pointed him towards Jamie Scott - New Zealand's That Paleo Guy - and sue enough Jamie wrote a superb piece detailing how his training, diet and lifestyle had enabled him to survive the Christchurch earthquakes of last year.

I'd just about forgotten about the piece but I got an email today with a link to download the magazine.

I have not read the rest of it, but Jamie's piece  - Survival of the Fittest …and most skillful? - is brilliant.  Check it out!

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Just gave it a read, great article. Thanks for the share!