Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wittgenstein - a note to self

This is a reminder to myself of something I was thinking about around how to present my ideas on training.

I have always been impressed by Wittgenstein's Tractatus. 7 propositions stating the whole of his philosophy. Each except the last elucidated by some others.

Could I do that about fitness training?

Can it all be kept simple? A series of simple propositions?

So much of the fitness blogosphere thrives on complexity, jargon. Can we just make it clear and simple?


Maybe not 7 propositions but certainly just a few key ideas.

What will be in the mix?

  • The goal is max fibre recruitment; the exercises, the protocol is secondary to this.
  • There is no such thing as cardio.
  • Much of what we call fitness is skill.
  • Safety is fundamental.
  • Posture has a role. Poor posture can mean less efficient movement and more wear and tear.
  • Sleep...just sleep
  • Eat appropriate quantity, optimum quality and suitable composition.
  • Stress needs managed.

Do you see where I am going with this?

Update - by the way, this is in no way an exhaustive list, just somethings that were going through my mind last night.  Also I had a reread of Hillfit and think that I actually articulated some of this pretty well in there, it is just that I wrote that about 8 months ago and have forgotten a lot of what I presented.


Bryce said...

I do!

a few of mine ...

-maintenance is a myth, in business, in relationships, and in fitness ... You're growing or dying.

-have a relationship with your food: cook it yourself, know where it comes from specifically, grow/raise it yourself if possible. trying to sell people on Paleo is a waste of effort if you can just sell them on this idea, which will address most problems, aside from deficiencies.

Three Pipe Problem said...

Have you read "Awareness Through Movement" by Feldenkrais? I remember thinking when I read it that it reminded me of Wittgenstein.

FeelGoodEating said...


Know where you're going and KEEP going. Had to link to you because it's so RIGHT.

Per three pipe, if you've NOT read Awareness through Movement, it's a must read.


Anonymous said...

Do not drink any one person's Kool-aid. Try some of everyone's, then make your own.

CF said...

You are on the right path here. Please keep exploring this idea.

Unknown said...

"there is no such thing as cardio"

I would be forever grateful if the "cardio" thing died off. I have never done cardio in my life; however, I have done a great deal of running, biking etc.