Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Impressive pushups

Three things impress me here:

  1. The pushup form. Note the full extension at the top as described in Zach's article (which Rusty found on this blog)
  2. The ease with which she gets the plate onto her back.
  3. Those legs!


Anonymous said...

Great, er, form!! ;)

Marc said...

I remember reading a martial arts book back in 1994 that advocate doing push ups to full extension the way this young lady is doing it. Much more effective in engaging the shoulders and the arms.

Thanks Chris, hope all is well with you.


Anita said...

Yes those are impressive. Only if you've tried to lift a 20 kg plate will you understand the 'impressiveness' - lol.

Thank you for this, Chris - I'll definitely be improving my form :)

Anonymous said...

she doesn't touch her chest to the floor so her range is a bit short.

TomG said...

Her range? Sorry, I didn't notice. Seriously, it looked like she could have done a lot more (although her elbows were a bit flared out) with a spotter.