Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New world record for the plank

This is absolutely mind blowing.

While browsing around looking for images of the plank for an ebook I am working on, I came across this piece of news: a 54 year old man has just set a world record for the plank.  The staggering thing is the length of time that he held the plank:  1 hour, 20 minutes and 5.01 seconds.

That is almost unbelievable - I think I am doing well when I get 3 minutes!

George Hood broke the Guinness World Record on December 3 for the "Longest time in an abdominal plank position," clocking in at 1 hour, 20 minutes, and 5.01 seconds. The record-breaking took place at Eggsperience Pancakes and Cafe in Naperville, where owner John Sakoufakis created a special venue for Hood.

  The full story is here: George Hood breaks Guinness record for plank

I liked his comment:

“I wanted to raise awareness with regard to the benefits of core strength, for one’s personal fitness and overall health,” said Hood, a personal trainer and former Marine. “I see so many people who are overweight, have bad posture and can’t walk from point A to point B. It all comes back to one’s core, and this particular exercise is the best one out there.”

and also that the work only began after 50 minutes!

“Once I broke the record (at 50 minutes), the work began,” Hood said. “When we got to an hour and 12 (minutes), I was ready to call it, but that crew guided me through one minute at a time. They were the only three people in my head and in my ear.”

  John Sifferman - now it is your turn!


Bill said...

A three minute plank does FEEL like an hour and twenty minutes. Which is exactly why I will never again do one.

John Sifferman said...

No thanks, Chris. Although, just last week, a couple of my Siffer-ladies just informed me that they nailed a 30 minute plank. They're also in their 50's and have an eye on the world record.

Anonymous said...

There are no "former" Marines. Once a Marine, always a Marine. OoRay!

Avishek said...

Great, well holding a plank for 1 hour or even 30 minutes has nothing to do with strength.

He looks cut though.

Chris said...

Enlighten us Avishek. Why does this not depend on strength?

Avishek said...

It seems Chris, as if people use the term "strength" to refer to a plethora of physical feats of either endurance or strength, or a combination of physical and mental stamina. Same with the term plyometrics, or core training, and of course strength training. The meaning of strength has been lost. Should be called force training to stop the confusion.

Chris said...

I understand what you are saying but strength is definitely needed to do that position for an hour plus. The stronger each fibre each motor unit is, the longer that that pose can be held. Basic strength.

christopher said...

I'm going on 58 years old and I held my first 10 minute high plank at training tonight. Beating my own personal record has become addicting. I can see myself going for an hour in my near future.

Victory Rehab said...

Wow, that really is a long plank. I have never held it anywhere near that but it goes to show that mind of matter is key.